About School

School Complex in Pobiedziska Letnisko

(Primary School & Secondary School & High School)


Our school has existed since 1996 and it has already gained positive and growing recognition of our pupils, their parents and the local environment.  It’s situated in a very attractive town Pobiedziska, near the Landscape Park “Promno”, about 25 kilometers from Poznań, on the main route from Poznań to Gniezno; also it’s a five minute walk from the bus stop as well as the train station. The school is quite big with four types of education:  pre-elementary education (for children at the age of 4-6), primary school (for pupils at the age of 6-13), secondary school (age of 13-16), high school (age of 16-19). There are 14 forms, about 270 pupils and 30 teachers employed at school.


Our school is safe and well organized. The school’s location, its size and atmosphere guarantee our students safety and feeling of individuality. The teachers who work here are very engaged in their work, that is why there is a climate of openness and kindness and treating the students in a very positive way.


 There are some well-equipped rooms in a school, such as: a language laboratory, a physics and chemistry laboratory, two information technology classrooms, a common room, a library with a multimedia centre, a gymnasium and three multifunctional sports playgrounds.


 The education in the high school lasts 3 years, and the completion of this school allows students to receive a school – leaving certificate. This school offers a balanced education however Polish, English and Geography are taught according to advanced programmes of teaching. In this school we propose teaching English for four - five hours a week, including using an English laboratory and an information technology classroom. If students want to go to university or college they, after leaving school, must additionally pass special state exams which are called “Matura”. Students who finish this school and pass “matura” exams can go on studying in every kind of university. Our students are quite motivated and they achieve good results. All our graduates take their final exams. The exam pass rate is very good - about 90% and about 60- 70% of our graduates continue their education at universities or colleges. 


  The biggest concern of our school is to teach and educate young people to be active, self-disciplined and able to deal with every kind of situation. All our pedagogical efforts are reflected by all our students’ life achievements, as well as those who study at university and those who have made a decision of taking up work.

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